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-How Blogs Broke The Web: Preach, Amy. Followed her since the K10K days. šŸ“Œ šŸŒæ
-My blog is a digital garden, not a blog more thoughts on digital gardens by joel hooks šŸ“Œ šŸŒæ
-Building a digital garden: How to think about building a digital garden šŸ“Œ šŸŒæ
3/27/19The Trouble With Facebook (podcast): Thoughts on Mark from his ex-mentor šŸ“Œ šŸŽ™
3/13/20Nestbox: Car campers
3/12/20MacRumors: iMessage is turning into the world's greatest social network
2/17/20Wikipedia Is the Last Best Place on the Internet: Preach
2/17/20Go read this report on how the coronavirus is pushing Chinese concerts online: This is something the ambient scene should get really involved in
2/15/20Cults Are Scarier Without Magic: Cults are cool, magic or not.
2/12/20Inside Mark Zuckerberg's Lost Notebook: I don't think he started evil